What we do

A few of our recent jobs include: 

  • Major restoration of Beech Staggerwings, including fairing manufacture, covering, stictching, painting, rigging and general project management  
  • Major repair to a Hughes 530F fuselage
  • Complete assembly and modification of a Skyranger Microlite
  • Regular maintenance of a Yak 3
  • Maintenance of the only flying Lavochkin LA9 in the world until its recent departure to the USA to Jerry Yagan’s fighter factory
  • Maintenance of a Boeing Stearman
  • Yak 3 oil cooler installation and manufacturer of entry and exit ducts
  • Development and manufacturer of modifications including H500 one-piece leg fairings and refrigerator center console
  • Scratch building Lotus XI
  • Airplane recovery
  • Airplane packing for shipping

Component overhaul

  • Undercarriage legs
  • P40 hydraulic systems, oleos, etc
  • LA9 parts
  • Yak 3 bits - pneumatic and hydraulic components
  • P51 hydraulic components

Maintenance repair

  • Allison
  • Rolls Royce Merlin
  • Packard Merlin
  • Zero
  • Bristol